Compound-Safe with Airbar

The Problem

Traffic passing both sides of a vehicle in either direction

A driver safety zone is needed

AirBars create a highly effective visible warning to other compound users

The Solution

  • AIRBAR provides a highly effective visual warning to other compound or yard users.
  • AIRBAR’s bright flashing LEDs encourage other vehicles to give the vehicle a wide berth.
  • AIRBAR replaces the need for, and are more effective than traffic cones.
  • AIRBAR reduces the need for supervision
  • AIRBAR makes th evehicle self-sufficient whilst loading or unloading

Compound-safe with AirBar

Compound-safe is the deployment of both nearside and offside AIRBARs to create a highly visible and wider, safer zone around both sides of the vehicle,  to help protect the driver/ operator from being struck by a passing vehicle or site vehicles such as fork-lift trucks, dump trucks, and others.
Compounds (or yards) are particularly hazardous for drivers as other vehicles can pass on either side, in either direction. Vehicles passing see the inflated AIRBARs give them a wide berth which creates the safer zone for the driver operator.

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